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The Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology (IPMB), Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan (https://ipmb.sinica.edu.tw/) invites applications for tenure-track faculty positions at the Assistant Research Fellow level (equivalent to Assistant Professor) in the research areas of plants and plant-related microbes. Successful candidates should have research records complementary to the current IPMB research capacities or have the potential to launch a new research direction. Preference will be given, but not limited to applicants with research experience in computational biology or sustainability.

The mission of IPMB is to explore the functionality of plants and microbes to benefit science, agriculture, environmental sustainability, and human well-being. As a research institution funded by the central government, IPMB maintains well-equipped core facilities managed by Research Specialists/Assistants to provide state-of-the-art resources and key technical expertise for proteomics, genomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, cell biology, and imaging. The successful candidates will receive generous startup, annual intramural funds, and external competitive grant opportunities to establish independent/collaborative research programs.
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Our laboratory studies the molecular interactions between plants and microbes, particularly how plants utilize their immune receptors to resist infections from pathogens. NLRs are a type of immune receptor inside plant cells that can recognize effector molecules from pathogens. This study will focus on the evolutionary analysis of plant NLR-type immune receptors and investigate their functions in disease resistance.
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Exploring the neural circuit mechanisms through Drosophila olfactory virtual reality system
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The Institute of Biological Chemistry (IBC) at Academia Sinica, Taiwan (www.ibc.sinica.edu.tw) seeks outstanding candidates to fill tenure-track faculty positions. While our primary focus is on hiring at the Assistant Research Fellow level, we also welcome applications from more experienced candidates, including those at the Research Fellow level. The Institute has a long tradition of excellence in research at the biology/chemistry interface, in particular protein biochemistry, structural biology, glycoscience and the study of other post-translational modifications.

In this search, we are seeking candidates whose research interests complement existing research programs in the Institute. Individuals with expertise in quantitative or computational biology who are able to address the dynamics and complexity of biochemical problems are of particular interest. Experience integrating AI-based technologies into research projects is also highly desired. However, candidates with any relevant research programs will be considered. The chosen candidates will receive an appointment at the Institute of Biochemical Sciences, National Taiwan University (ibs.ntu.edu.tw), along with substantial start-up funds, ongoing intramural support, and full access to all shared resources in Academia Sinica.

Application materials should include:
1) A cover letter with the names of three referees who will write on the applicant’s behalf;
2) A curriculum vitae;
3) A statement of research accomplishments; and
4) A proposal for future research. Application materials should be combined into a single PDF file and sent to the Chair of Recruitment Committee, c/o Ms. Pei-Ru Liao (email: prliao@gate.sinica.edu.tw).
The applicant should arrange for the letters from the three referees to be sent directly to prliao@gate.sinica.edu.tw.

Screening of applications will begin on July 15, 2024 and will continue until the positions are filled.

IBC is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, and we actively encourage applications from individuals of all backgrounds. We particularly welcome applications from women, indigenous peoples, individuals from visible minority groups, persons with disabilities, and those of any sexual orientation or gender identity. Proficiency in Mandarin Chinese is not a prerequisite for application.
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We are a group of interdisciplinary scientists, investigating regulatory logic underlying emergent properties of biochemical systems, including oscillators, switches, and trigger waves especially those that control cell death, quiescence and metabolic homeostasis. We use quantitative approaches including CRISPR-mediate cell engineering, single cell time-lapse imaging, mathematical modeling of dynamic systems, time series analysis, microfluidic engineering, etc., to study human cells (cancer cells and neuronal cells) under metabolic and drug challenges. We aim to develop strategies to control cell behavior for the treatment of aging-related diseases (cancer and neurodegeneration).
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Dr. Cheng is a developmental neurobiologist. New positions are open for Laboratory Assistants and Post-doctoral Fellows who are interested in using mouse and/or C. elegans to study molecular and cellular mechanisms of axon guidance and adult neurogenesis.
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Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Academia Sinica, Taiwan, invites applications for a senior lab manager/array tomography (AT) core facility manager position with the title of Project Scientist/Project Research Manager or Assistant Research Specialist (which is equal to Assistant Research Fellow in the salary rank). IMB, consisting of 38 laboratories, engages in biological research at the molecular, cellular and systems levels in the fields of chromosome biology, neuroscience, immunology, plant and systems biology. IMB has a high research standard with an excellent publication record, and maintains the state-of-the-art research facilities including next-generation sequencing (NGS) and imaging cores. For details about IMB, please consult the website: http://www.imb.sinica.edu.tw/en/index.php
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We are looking for postdocs familiar with mouse study to investigate the role of immune regulation in telomere diseases. Our laboratory is committed to exploring the relationship between telomere maintenance and human disease. We use cell biology, mouse models, and next-generation sequencing technology to explore the role of telomere function in aging-related diseases and cancer. At the same time, we collaborate with researchers in clinical medicine and medicinal chemistry to understand disease mechanisms and develop treatments for human disease.
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Using mouse models and human iPSC system, together with scRNA/ATAC-seq technique to decipher the molecular mechanism for aging and healthy longevity. We also aim to uncover the new method to cure motor neuron disease by gene therapy. We strongly encourage candidates interested in molecular mechanisms of gene regulation as related to non coding RNAs should apply. Candidates experienced in ESC/iPSC cell culture and mouse embryo manipulation are preferred, but not required.
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Using mouse models and human iPSC system, together with scRNA/ATAC-seq technique to decipher the molecular mechanism for Neurodegeneration and Aging. We also aim to uncover the new method to cure motor neuron disease by gene therapy. We strongly encourage candidates interested in molecular mechanisms of gene regulation as related to non coding RNAs should apply. Candidates experienced in mouse experiments and ESC/iPSC cell culture are preferred, but not required.
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Lin lab is recruiting a research assistant/lab manager. Our lab is working on microfluidic cell culture, time-lapse microscopy, and image analysis. We are particularly interested in applicants with molecular biology, microbiology, physics or mechanical/electrical engineering training background.

The job will be mainly research works and potentially with administrative works (optional). Based on applicants’ expertise and career plan, we could choose suitable kinds of tasks and duties for you.
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Lin lab is recruiting researchers who are interested in systems biology and biophysics. We welcome people from various research backgrounds including quantitative biology, microfluidic engineering, mathematical modeling, etc.

Our lab will explore multiple research directions, including: (1) Characterizing metabolic dynamics and cell growth in E. coli or S. pombe at the single-cell level, with time-lapse microscopy and microfluidics cell culture. (2) Theoretical and computational studies for cell growth and reaction networks, focusing on cellular resource/energy allocation, metabolic network evolution, autocatalytic systems, nonlinear and nonequilibrium physics, etc.

I have been benefited from the interdisciplinary trainings in my scientific career, and my goal is to hold an interdisciplinary research environment for cultivating next-generation scientists.
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