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Press Releases
  • Large-scale Determination of Absolute Phosphorylation Stoichiometries in Human Cells by Motif-targeting Quantitative Proteomics   (Department of Secretariat 2015-04-23)
  • Marine Biologists Redefine the Phylogeny of Coralliidae, Provide Comprehensive Understanding of Precious Corals   (Department of Secretariat 2015-04-21)
  • Taiwan Genomics Research Team Discovers IL-17RB Antibody Blocks Migration of Pancreatic Cancer   (Department of Secretariat 2015-03-10)
  • Study Renews Hope for Effective Use of Circulating Blood Cells in Heart Regeneration Therapy   (Department of Secretariat 2015-02-16)
  • Academician Fu-Tong Liu Receives 2015 Khwarizmi International Award   (Department of Secretariat 2015-02-05)
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    Seminars & Lectures
  • "Three Parents and a Baby. Medico-Legal Issues in the Treatment of Mitochondrial Diseases” will be held on April 24, 2015   (Institutum Iurisprudentiae 2015-04-02)
  • 21st Biennial Conference of Association of Asian Social Science Research Councils   (Institute of Ethnology 2015-04-08)
  • Call for Papers - 2015 International Conference on Ming-Qing Studies, Academia Sinica   (Institute of History and Philology 2015-04-02)
  • Legal History in Action: Writing Down Indigenous Customs   (Institutum Iurisprudentiae 2015-04-14)
  • International Symposium on Biodiversity   (Biodiversity Research Center 2015-04-01)
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    Announcements & Events
  • The New Representatives for the 7th General Assembly of Research Fellows   (Department of Secretariat 2015-04-17)
  • Maintenance Announcement: Campus Network Will Be Suspended Temporarily   (Department of Information Technology Services 2015-04-23)
  • The Belmont Forum calls for proposals on Mountains as Sentinels of Change in 2016   (Department of International Affairs 2015-04-09)
  • 2016 Career Development Award is now open for referral (Deadline: April 30, 2015)    (Department of Academic Affairs and Instrument Service 2015-03-06)
  • 2016 Academia Sinica Investigator Award is now open for Nomination (Deadline: April 30, 2015)    (Department of Academic Affairs and Instrument Service 2015-03-06)
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